Dogs NZ breeder located in Canterbury-New Zealand and dedicated to the American Gentleman aka the Boston Terrier. Our Boston’s are part of our family and raised in our home no kennel environment. Adults are DNA tested for JHC (Juvenile hereditary cataracts), have eye certificates from the eye specialist and patella’s, hips, spine and elbows x-rayed. Puppies are raised with lots of love, care, socialisation, and are well adapted to a busy home environment. They have found loving homes in both New Zealand and Australia. Boston’s are charming, highly intelligent, great with children, eager to please, indoor house mannered, exceptionally friendly and lots of fun! Our dogs reflect this and enjoy trips to the park, going for a jog by the river or just napping under the blankets. Boston’s are obsessed with getting under your duvets/blankets for a snooze!

Please note that when considering a Boston, due to their intelligence and sometimes stubborn streak they do require stimulation and positively reinforced training. Boston puppies benefit immensely from puppy school. While they do take delight in letting off some steam outside they are primarily an indoor breed that is sensitive to quite cold or hot weather. Their loyalty and affection towards their hooman/s mean they should only be left home alone within reasonable limits.

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